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About BiotecEra

BiotecEra, Inc. is a biotechnology company (C-Corp) located in Athens, Georgia. We are dedicated in development and commercialization of innovative microbial technologies to achieve the sustainable, economic and eco-friendly production of industrially valuable chemicals, such as pharmaceuticals and commodity chemicals. We develop technology and also provide service to the industry and academic community. BiotecEra welcomes the cooperation and business across the world.

Our Technology

BiotecEra utilizes the latest scientific principles of metabolic engineering, microbiology and biochemistry, as well as the edge-cutting genetic modification tools to create sustainable, environmental friendly and profitable microbial processes. We have creative and energetic research team. Now we are focusing on two projects related to microbial production of high-value pharmaceuticals through combinatorial metabolic engineering approaches.

Our Service

BiotecEra also provides customized contract service and technical support for proof-of-concept study and development of industrially ready-to-use bacterial strains. We warmly welcome the co-operation and business from the companies and institutions around the world. 

► Pathway design & construction

► Enzyme screening & characterization

► Optimization of metabolic network

► ... ...

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